Hair Loss Treatment

Studies in the UK have shown that 30-35% of the population may suffer from Androgenic
hair thinning or Telogen Effluvium during their life time. These conditions account for the majority of males and females seeking hair loss treatment. Specialist service for women.

The Invisi clinic provides consultations in a friendly and professional environment. Staff will quickly put your mind at ease and show you how alopecia treatment can restore your hair; revitalise your look, and boost your confidence. The clinicians are made up of degree level experts in anatomy and physiology with medical backgrounds, and public recognition for their writing in NHS medical journals. Our team are certified in Laser and hair replacement treatments. Our expertise is in male and female pattern baldness. We supply one of the worlds most advanced systems, Invisi Skin.

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If you are worried about your hair falling out, then we always recommend a combination hair loss treatment programme. This includes a range of DHT inhibitor products containing Saw Palmetto and a natural oral alopecia treatment. The variety of hair regrowth commodities consists of shampoos; conditioners, and topical scalp lotions. Clinical laser hair treatment elevates the effectiveness of topical and oral medications by 85%. The NHS strongly recommend considering non-surgical procedures for hair loss. In days gone by, people may have resorted to wearing hot uncomfortable wigs and toupees, restricting their lifestyles, and which were often difficult to integrate in to existing hair. The current prognosis is much better due to advancements in hair replacement technology, Invisi Skin. This state of the art cosmetic science allows you the freedom to conduct an active life, such as swimming, doing sports, or going to the gym. Book a free consultation to discuss how to thicken hair by using products and services from the optimal range of programmes on offer.