Hair Loss Consultations UK

Booking a hair loss consultation with Invisi Hair is easy and does not commit you in any way to purchasing goods or services.
Approximate consultation time is 1 hour with our experts for a fee of £30.

Book a Hair Loss, or Laser Hair Restoration consultation in one of the cities below. If you do not live in one of the cities listed below, you will need just one consultation at the Birmingham clinic for Assessment. If you decide to purchase any goods or services our regional stylist in your local area will then take care of future re-grooms and re-fits.

After payment is made we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time for your consultation.

IMPORTANT: After purchase of your consultation, if you have not already completed our enquiry form, please email us your contact details on or call us on 01562 888 158 to arrange a convenient time for your consultation.

Book a hair loss consultation at one of our UK hair design clinics below

Nicky Clark trichologist hair loss specialist located at Invisi Hair Birmingham
Hair loss specialist Natasha Griggs at Invisi Hair London clinic
Heather Davis hair replacement expert working in Invisi Hair Leicester
Hair Loss Clinic Tamworth
Joana Hesse hair replacement specialist based at Invisi Hair Manchester
Hair Loss Consultation Honiton Devon

Book a consultation at one of our laser hair restoration clinics below

Suzanne Clark qualified laser hair restoration expert Invisi Hair Hagley Worcestershire
Laser Therapy Wolverhampton Booking
Laser Therapy Manchester Booking
Book a Laser Therapy Consultation Slough
Laser Therapy Preston Booking
Laser Hair restoration specialist based at Invisi Hair east London division.
Alex Farr hair growth laser clinician at DHS Invisi Hair clinic in Bedford, Bedfordshire
Laser Therapy Coventry Booking
Laser Therapy Oldham Manchester Booking
Hair Loss Consultations