Transgender Hair Replacement

Hello to everyone, my name is Melanie Taylor. I moved to Birmingham to start my life again. I transitioned at work in December 2015 with the support some good work colleagues and became interested in transgender hair replacement.

Since December my life has been ‘right’, and as a result of this some good things started to happen for me. One of these great things was the formation of a band Feral Scent. I have played drums for a few years but never in a band. I had dreamt of being part of a band for a long time, but it wasn’t until a chance chat with two friends one night that the dream started to become a reality. We have gigs booked, and are rehearsing when we can all synchronise our free time. It is fun and loud. Check us out at

I first encountered Invisi Hair Clinic when I was exploring the best look for my hair and how to stop hair loss. I am very happy with my hair now......a look and feel that is natural, and I do really put it's practicality to the test with my active time at the drum kit, and a liking for dancing until late whenever I can. The chance to 'let my hair down', (excuse the pun) is all the more welcomed because during the day I have a responsible job working as an Engineering Designer for a local multi-national company. I am proud to still be in my profession in my natural guise. None of this happened however by chance, I spent last year planning ahead up to the point which I have reached today. I am single, (some say married to my drum kit). I'm okay with this as I don't really have time to be in a meaningful union at the moment, may be one day.

My band is called Feral Scent and is a three piece collection of strays. We are a trans band and proudly promote ourselves as such.
Tel: 0121 562 1741