Invisi Hair – FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

All the consultations and treatment plans are carried out in private rooms within the studio. Senior Clinicians and stylists take care of either your medication and laser regrowth needs or hair integration and styling adding that touch of Vogue to your finished hair. Invisi staff fully understand that taking steps to confront your hair loss is a private one, and one which leads to positive results. If you wish to bring along another family member or friend for support or a second opinion, this is very welcome.

Invisi hair replacement uses the highest quality original cuticle human hair, with state of the art base material that literally forms a second epidermis on the scalp. This second skin is matched directly to your skin colour and incorporates Invisi Skin technology. The base membrane (Fusion Polymer) allows the skin to breathe and sweat naturally and is virtually undetectable to sight and touch. It is specifically customised to the individual’s style requirements, being designed and constructed to appear to be growing directly from the scalp.

It differs from conventional wigs in several ways. The polymers are synthesised to the scalp using a hair interfusion process which is implemented by qualified in-house staff. Each unit is made from high quality human hair and once fitted is virtually invisible to the naked eye. The module will allow for customisation, facilitating any hair style requirements, leaving the salon stylist’s to add that touch of panache. You will be able to swim, do sports, and go to the gym, living life normally with a look that is completely natural.

A special mould is taken by the clinician to form an exact replica of your scalp. On this mould, details of your hair loss pattern, and required style is recorded. Depending on age and required look, the density and colour mapping is carried out to carefully match your own natural hair. The completed head cast is sealed and sent away to our production facility. The breathable skin membrane is made, and the human hair is individually implanted to create an extremely natural look, which blends invisibly with your own existing mane. The finished result is that it looks and feels completely realistic.

We appreciate that you will have your own unique style requirements, ranging from length; colour; and voluminosity, all of us aiming for the most beautiful head of hair achievable. The Invisi salon stylist’s are specially trained to unify the hair piece effortlessly with your own existing tresses. Simply let us know your requirements and your personal stylist will endeavour to provide you with a ‘master-piece’! Design procedures are checked and are quality assured at every stage to ensure we the best service possible to you our valued customer.

Yes, absolutely. Initial consultations are conducted by our consultants who are certified in both male and female laser and hair augmentation processes and will be happy to let you examine the company’s technology, giving you the opportunity to discuss any issues. This way you can draw on your own conclusions.

Invisi manufactures a range of its own high end salon hair care products specifically designed to be bond safe. The maintenance products use formulations to protect the adherence properties used in the fitting technique. Special ingredients in our product range cleanse, condition and rejuvenate the replacement system, or hair extensions without destroying the integrity of attachment. The product range includes, Shampoos; Conditioners; Styling Gels; Heat Resistant Lotions; Leave in Preparations, and Ultraviolet Protection Solutions. We supply a large range of medical grade adhesives; tapes; solvents, and kits for on-going maintenance. Shop.

Yes, following hair and scalp analysis we may recommend a course of the in-house clinical laser therapy. The results naturally vary from person to person but for most clients, if used with our market leading MGT hair growth formula, typically 80-90% will experience some positive results. The treatment plan uses a state of the art Pulsed Wave Laser. This emits safe, Low Level Laser light (LLLT) to stimulate hair follicles 2-3 mm below the scalp. The blood flow to the follicle is increased, allowing more nutrients and stabilising hair loss. The treatment regime is designed to stimulate growth and thicken previously soft and downy hair. Results depend largely on the extent of the loss prior to starting the programme. It is particularly effective where thinning is not too extensive, typically within the first 1-6 years. Your hair thickening will be monitored over a pre-determined period. Programme details can be found on the home page. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the results we can offer alternative solutions.

No, in order to achieve the desired results fue hair transplants can be very costly and are only effective when covering smaller receding areas of the scalp. Surgery cannot replace all of the hairs, (100,000 or so), on a person’s head. The advancement in our non-surgical technology (Invisi Skin) has meant that we can now replace a full head of hair at a fraction of the price and at the same time deliver a system that appears virtually undetectable, allowing you to carry out a normal everyday active life. Studies have suggested that non-surgical hair restoration is the most effective, and cheapest way to resolve hair loss, which is detailed in hair transplant cost, by Suzanne, RGN/BSc.

MEN: Hair loss is caused in the main by our genetic make up but there are also factors such as stress, hormonal changes in the body and even some chemical exposure that can contribute to a person loosing their density. Conditions leading to hair falling out are cited in the research article alopecia treatment, by Suzanne, RGN/BSc. This condition accounts for most of the loss typically in men (male pattern baldness). In this condition, hairs become more sensitive to the body’s hormone DHT resulting in depletion of nourishment around the papilla of follicles. As time goes on, this will weaken the shafts causing loss, typically to the front and top of the scalp in males.
WOMEN: As with men, thinning of the hair is caused in the main by genetic make up. Women with alopecia can develop sensitivity to the male hormone, testosterone, this hormone is present in all women. Other factors such as pregnancy, thyroid dysfunction and other medical conditions may also contribute. As with male pattern baldness the shaft will weaken resulting in the hair falling out. In general this occurs to the top and sides of the scalp with the development of thinning patches. The good news is that the Clinic can successfully treat both males and females. With the technical advancements in the treatment programmes and non-surgical Invisi Skin methods, you can once again relish a fuller mane.

Yes, absolutely, it can be particularly embarrassing for a woman to lose her hair, when today’s society puts so much emphasis on a person’s appearance. Contrary to popular belief, almost as many women as men suffer with this affliction. The Clinic provides a private and professional service for women. We have excellent stylists with free initial consultation; hair regrowth, and replacement plans for hair loss in women. Hair regeneration plans take into account your own style and length with options for styling, dying and highlighting. Alternatively, we provide the best hairpieces for women on the market for cosmetic beauty including a bespoke and custom made service.

If you are just looking to boost your appearance with a beautiful head of hair and add a touch of chic, whether you have alopecia or not, then the company are manufacturers of the finest made to order supreme quality human full or partial wigs. The range includes original cuticle human hairpieces for women, and celebrity hair lace wigs. The clinic provides a private and professional design service for anyone choosing this option. The highly skilled designers will take in to account all personal requirements in terms of hair specifications.

Invisi was established to help male pattern baldness sufferers and women suffering from hair loss conditions. We fully understand that making the decision to deal with your thinning hair is a positive step. We are staffed with highly qualified people with degrees in anatomy and physiology. Any fears or apprehensions you may have will quickly disappear during your first visit. You will meet with one of our highly trained consultants who will discuss the hair replacement products and restoration programme. Following a scalp analysis including under a high powered microscope, your available options will then be discussed with you. The main objective is to put your hair back to its former glory, boost your self confidence, and give you a more youthful look. No pressure will be applied to you to commit to any programmes.

We provide a variety of high tech electro-static concealment products which are very useful for treating hair thinning. Toppik micro fibre products are market leading and attach to the natural hair shaft and scalp, increasing volume and darkening the scalp beneath. These products give immediate results and effectively camouflage thinning areas on the scalp. For medicated hair regrowth we provide MGT and DHT inhibitor courses. Scripts Complete herbal DHT blockers and rejuvenating/detoxification shampoo’s all of which can be used independently or in conjunction with laser hair treatment.

All of the topical and oral products are designed to be used at home on a regular basis. As with most people with a busy active life, treatment at home in private, is a requirement. In order to boost the effectiveness of home combination therapies we supply the latest state of the art hand-held laser comb. This hand held laser is fully CE approved and can be used safely at home in conjunction with growth and DHT inhibitor products. Which are made in Britain and are therefore regulated to the highest standards. is wholly owned by Invisi Hair Replacement Systems, a biotechnology group company. The company’s employees have published articles in journals of medicine and have worked for the NHS. We have direct links to European partners and USA manufacturing facilities. We manufacture some of the most advanced scientific procedures on the market. Our company is proud of the development of new hair loss and skin technologies provided by the company. Our goal is to make an improvement in the lives of alopecia sufferers and alleviate fears or worries for those taking the positive step to confront the condition. The clinic provides an extremely professional service, why not drop in to see us and take the step to enhance your life.