Invisi Hair Founders

Ayo Lucas Hons),

Ayo Graduated at the University of Manchester and also has a Masters Degree from the University of Western Australia. Ayo has done extensive work with laser therapy and nonsurgical aesthetics technology which has resulted in the development of Invisi ™ brand LLLT pulse laser machines for the UK market and the introduction of new hair replacement materials known as Invisi Skin. This lead to the manufacture of the ‘Evolution’ hair fusion system which is currently one of the most advanced hair replacement systems available in Europe. The companies strategy is to provide less invasive procedures for male and female hair restoration.

This has been done using state of the art laser technology , the latest biotech to manufacture hair ( synthetic) or medicines and techniques to integrate or grow real human hair. The company’s products and services are backed up by eminent surgeons in the USA with manufacturing facilities in France, Australia and the US. In his spare time Ayo reads autobiographies, listens to music and plays football and tennis. Ayo is a keen motorsport and combat sports enthusiasts.

Nicky Clark

Invisi Hair and Biotech consultant, Nicky Clark has directed his creative energy into becoming an innovative and successful clinician in the field of biomimetics applied to laser technology. These skills were first developed by working for over twenty years as a European technical manager for a global corporation.
Nick is a keen follower of Volker Schmidt, a leading name in biomimetics and he keeps up with all current research. His interest in science and technology does not stop there, he is a devotee of quantum mechanics and the works of Derek, a leading writer in this field of science. He is also a fan, amongst many, of TV personality Brian Cox in the area of particle physics and astrophysics.