Hair Loss Coventry

Hi, my name is Heather, I am the Hair Loss Coventry specialist for the Invisi Hair Clinics UK.

We provide a wide range of hair and beauty treatments in and around the Coventry and Midlands area including Laser Therapy and Hair Replacement. I have over 11 years experience in the industry. Our staff are qualified and friendly, and our customers receive their treatments in a relaxed environment with the assurance that all treatments remain confidential. Hair loss treatment using Low Level Laser Therapy in combination with effective topical and oral hair growth products are formulated to suit both male and female hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia and post menopausal hair thinning. Our salon uses a unique pulsed laser hair growth machine with proven results.

Laser Therapy Coventry
The Laser Hair Restoration services we offer are available from Monday to Saturday. During the consultation we will analyse the scalp using a camera which magnifies hair follicles allowing us to determine the correct treatment regime. We will give an honest opinion on whether LLLT combination therapy is appropriate for the type of alopecia you are suffering with, and we will develop an on-going relationship with our customers who we remain loyal to. We aim to achieve the most favourable hair regrowth outcome for our customers as possible with the knowledge we have gained from the in-depth consultation. The idea is to make our customers feel happy with the services we provide, so do not despair if hair regrowth is not suitable, we offer hair replacement services along with additional hair care services which may be more suitable. The pulsed laser machine we use is both CE approved and FDA certified specifically for effective hair re-growth. Why not come and see if it is a suitable treatment for you?

Tel: 02476 481 301