Young woman asking why is my hair falling out

Hair Loss in Women

Invisi combination treatment programmes can prevent hair loss in women, whatever your way of life, actress, manager, office worker, housewife, sport star, or just a regular woman.

We all aspire to look our best, and with 30% or more of the population suffering from hair loss, it can dent confidence and be embarrassing, particularly for women in our society today where so much emphasis is placed on looks. Contrary to popular belief, pattern baldness is not only a male affliction, many women suffer too.

Invisi provides answers for both alopecia causes and treatments, and delivers a professional and private service. We employ highly skilled stylists; provide a free consultation; offer hair restoration services for female pattern baldness, and solutions for hair falling out.

If you are a woman concerned about thinning hair, then help is on hand. The Invisi clinic has accredited experts in dealing with alopecia causes and treatments. The company utilises the latest state of the art non-surgical hair restoration procedures.Recent advancements in invisi skin technology administer one of the answers to curing hair loss in women. The female hair replacement systems and hairpieces for women are made of real human keratin carefully matched in calibre and contrast to suit a variety of styles and lengths. They can be crafted, dyed and highlighted, and evolve with your trend requirements. You can go swimming; gym workouts, do sports and live life naturally.

Regardless of your race or skin colour, our aim is to make you feel good about yourself, and increase your confidence. In order to tackle thinning hair in women we deliver topical and oral hair growth products backed up with laser hair treatment. So, if the question you are asking today is, why is my hair falling out, give Nicky Clark a call. Contact Us.