Hair Loss Laser Manchester

HAIRLINE UK is a professional laser clinic based in north Manchester that can prevent further hair loss in men and women and help re-grow your own hair back. We are the Invisi Hair hair loss laser treatment centre in Oldham, Manchester, and our mission is to provide personalised, high-quality care for all clients. We have created customised and affordable Non-Surgical Laser hair growth programmes which we believe will leave all clients completely satisfied. You will always feel welcome at HAIRLINE UK and we deal with all of our clients’ information in confidence. As a hair loss sufferer, it is fully understood that taking action against this problem is a momentous decision. On your first visit we will be able to dispel all the apprehensions you may have and any worries will quickly disappear.

Alex Farr hair growth laser clinician at DHS Invisi Hair clinic in Bedford, Bedfordshire
All consultations and treatments are carried out in private, within Chambers Business Centre. The centre is a newly-renovated, relaxing and luxurious environment. Hair loss laser Manchester offers friendly and professional advice to reassure you of the positive steps you have taken. The consultation will consist of a hair analysis session so that we can examine the possibility of damage at the hair follicle. Once this has been established we can advise on a hair restoration programme. The hair loss treatment laser can encourage the body’s own immune system to repair damage at the follicle level, whilst topical and oral products given will solve the problem of how to stop hair loss by blocking the conversion of testosterone in to DHT in the circulating blood and so reducing the effect it has on the hair follicle of shrinking it until eventually it disappears altogether. Proven research indicates that LLLT has the effect of promoting the production of melanin and collagen to grow back stronger more vibrant colour hair shafts, so that the hair is healthier and shiny.
Chambers Business Centre
Chapel Rd
Manchester, OLA

Tel: 0161 731 0072