Hair Loss Treatment Leeds Yorkshire

Hello my name is Joanne at the Invisi Hair clinic Leeds Yorkshire providing hair loss treatment services. My hair clinic is based in Leeds city centre with convenient parking. We provide all non surgical hair restoration services, such as hair replacement systems, and can offer the latest Low Level Laser technology in the form of laser hair regrowth therapy, in combination with hair re-growth products which have been produced in the UK by leading Trichologists. These products have BS approval and are produced to European standards of Manufacture. An in depth consultation is required to decide the best treatment for you. A scalp analysis instrument is used to take a video shot of your scalp to ascertain the degree of hair loss and damage to hair follicles to assess suitability for alopecia treatment.

Alex Farr hair growth laser clinician at DHS Invisi Hair clinic in Bedford, Bedfordshire
The pain free ‘cold’ light LLLT laser treatment has no side effects and achieves excellent results, the laser machine used is the most advanced machine in Europe offering a plasma electro-stimulation instrument and 650 – 810 nanometre wavelength pulse laser head. The laser for hair loss can also be used therapeutically for preparation of the scalp, pre and post transplant surgery. It can also be used for treatment for some scalp diseases such as eczemas and psoriasis to induce the natural healing process. The hair replacement systems I provide are undetectable once integrated in to your own hair at the back and sides, and each unit is custom made to your requirements. We provide exact colour matching with hair samples and imitate density and body wave of your own hair. If you want an off-the shelf system in a hurry, we accommodate this with our stunning Remy hair systems. We have years of experience at hair loss treatment Leeds Yorkshire in hairdressing and hair replacement systems including hair extensions. We understand your dream, we believe we can help you achieve. Book your consultation today.
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