Invisi Hair Regrowth Products

Hair Regrowth Products

Invisi Bio Technologies is the division of Invisi Hair Clinic dealing with the science of laser hair re-growth and advanced hair regrowth products. The diverse range of hair growth products Invisi can provide for our hair loss clients have been formulated by leading UK Trichologists. They are specific to both men seeking advice on male pattern baldness; and for several forms of hair loss in women, such as, female pattern baldness and post menopausal hair thinning. All of our products have supreme DHT blocking properties gained from a proprietary blend of ingredients working in synergy. The medicated hair growth shampoos have botanical agents to deal with inflammation, scalp irritation; and microbial invasion, so as to maximise scalp health and encourage hair restoration. Effective stand alone or with Laser Hair Treatment. Buy from Shop.

Invisi oral hair regrowth products are made to the highest standard with GMP code of practice approval, and compliance with B.S. E.N.9001 to assure our hair loss clients they are a safe high quality product. Blood flow to the scalp is very important for the repair of hair follicles and any damaged tissue from disease, therefore, one of the important ingredients in our products is vasodilators to increase the luminal diameter of blood vessels bringing blood to the scalp to promote the healing process. This is also one of the actions of the LLLT, working synergistically with our products maximising the potential of good hair re-growth. All of the products are easy to apply, non-greasy and absorbed rapidly into the scalp to increase their potency. They are also suitable for several scalp diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, with the shampoo containing Menthol, acting as a Kappa Opioide Receptor Agonist (soothing anaesthetic action) on irritated skin. The tonics are predominantly herbal, with the exception of Laser Reactify Complex containing Minoxidil, so they are kind to the health and the hair. Trade Enquiries Welcome.