Hair Regrowth

Many of our clients with early indications of alopecia, typically within the first 6 years, are suitable to participate in the Invisi hair regrowth programme for men and women. Our medicated DHT inhibitors are very effective as a hair loss cure.Whatever your skin colour or race, Invisi can administer male and female hair restoration and inhibit further thinning.
The latest state of art products and treatments can be very effective to stimulate improved follicle health and shaft thickness, particularly where the loss of hair is patchy, or has become soft and downy.The alopecia treatment regime includes 5 alpha reductase inhibitors and hair regrowth products, which are market leading topical and oral DHT blockers that have been recommended by Trichologists as an alternative to prescription medications.

If you are concerned about your hair falling out, we are here to help you solve your problems with a range of baldness cures. The closely monitored combination therapies use innovative scientific procedures and market leading products to thicken and stimulate the hair growth of otherwise fine vellus strands. The Invisi laser hair treatment works particularly well with topical maximum growth therapy and rejuvenation shampoos which can be used independently as a hair loss cure, or in line with laser light therapeutics, accelerating their effectiveness.

Maximum growth therapy has proven to be the best product by far that we have used for hair regeneration in parallel with the Invisi in-house laser program. Product usage, training and consultation is free. The Invisi DHT inhibitor range of products can be purchased directly from our online shop or via the Birmingham clinic. To discuss your hair loss concerns in more detail it may be a better solution to see one of our consultants in person, in which case you should contact the clinic. Contact Us.