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Are you based in Wiltshire and suffering with thinning hair or hair loss? Invisi Hair operate in the Wiltshire area and specialise in hair restoration and non-surgical hair replacement. We offer a range of hair loss treatments including hair systems, laser treatment and hair thickening.

Whatever your hair type, skin colour, race or gender we have hair replacement solutions for you that will look and feel completely natural. Our hair systems are completely bespoke and fully integrate with your natural hair. The Invisi hair system will be a perfect match to your existing hair in colour, hair type and density. Our second skin technology makes our hair systems comfortable to wear and they enable your head and hair to breathe underneath. The hair systems look so natural, it appears as if the hair is growing straight from your scalp and you can style it just like you would your natural hair.

When wearing an Invisi Hair Replacement System life can carry on as normal. You can shower, swim, go to the gym and participate in sports just as before and enjoy a full and active lifestyle.

Hair systems offer immediate and guaranteed results and they are also much cheaper and cost effective than surgery or FUE hair transplants where results are not always successful.

Our bespoke hair systems are made using the finest quality human hair and designed specifically for you in terms of personal style, hair colour, hair density and are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Gone are the days of ‘one size fits all’ poorly designed and made hair pieces, wigs and uncomfortable toupees. There are now more options available to individuals struggling with hereditary male or female pattern baldness than having to put up with it or resort to shaving your head.

Contact Invisi Wiltshire today to talk through your options and find out how a hair replacement system could help you start an exciting new chapter in your life!

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Hair Systems from Invisi – Our Gallery

There is now a real solution for thinning hair and baldness – see our before and after pictures of our hair systems showing a range of different hair styles for both men and women.

Hair Replacement System Stylists Wiltshire

We understand Hair Loss

At Invisi Hair we completely understand how thinning hair and hair loss can affect your self-esteem and confidence. Many of our team have personal experience of hair loss and empathy and discretion are guaranteed. Our Wiltshire team have years of experience in hair restoration providing an invaluable service, sensitively and with understanding to both men and women suffering with male or female pattern baldness.

What is a Hair Replacement System?

All Invisi Hair Replacement systems use high quality human hair. We sample your existing hair to make sure your hair system is a 100% match to your own hair. The advanced hair replacement system has a super fine base material which is matched to your skin tone and is virtually undetectable. The Invisi Skin base menbrane is applied directly to your scalp however it still allows your scalp and the skin underneath to breathe.

Our aim is to provide you with a hair system which gives you the most natural look possible which is why all of our hair replacement units are bespoke and designed to factor in your age, colouring, hair type and density. All out hair systems are fully guaranteed and insured.

Invisi Hair Replacement Wiltshire

If you want natural looking hair and a hair replacement system at an affordable price then please contact our Customer Service team in Wiltshire today to arrange a hair consultation.
We operate in Wiltshire including the surrounding areas of Salisbury, Warminster and Trowbridge. As well as offering appointments at our clinic we can also provide private home consultation options.

In the unlikely event that we cannot provide a home visit and if we don’t have an Invisi Clinic within an hours drive of your home we will invite you to visit our closest Hair Loss Clinic and we will compensate you by providing you with a 20% discount against any of our hair loss treatments.

Hair Loss Clinic Wiltshire
Our staff are professionally qualified and will treat client information in confidence. We fully understand that taking action to confront your hair loss is a massive decision. On your first consultation with Invisi, any apprehensions you may have will quickly disappear, as your are greeted by our friendly team. All of the services Invisi offer, including hair consultations, treatments and hair system fittings and maintenance are carried out in private

To book a consultation with one the Invisi Wiltshire team please call us on 01562 888 158

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Invisi Customer Reviews

“Did the laser hair growth treatment with products and although the regrowth was a little slow to notice at first, its now been 5 months and the results have been amazing.”
Mike Trimble
“Just wanted to send Invisi my best wishes as cant thank you enough for getting me a replacement stock system to match my hair so quickly for my wedding. I really appreciate what you have done and my wedding was great thanks to you.”
Safraz Ahmed
“Appreciate all the help you have given me. My confidence and understanding about my hair is so much better thanks to your knowledge and professionality. If I ever come back to England then I will definitely be using your services again.”
Brett Nielson
“I suffer from alopecia to the point that I didn’t want to leave my house. Im not really one for reviews but Just wanted to show how much I appreciate your kindness and professionality in regards what you have done for me.”
Lucy Frampton
“Have been going to Invisi Hair for a while now and they have been great with me. Always polite and my hairdresser styles my hair exactly how I like it. Ive used several other clinics before I found invisi hair and their system design and durability have been the best so far – keep it up guys!”
Jake Matthews
“Their hair systems have given me my confidence back, I can honestly say its changed my life and the added bonus is that I look younger too!”
Bob Saunders
“Got my system for a few hundred pounds which was much cheaper than what I had paid before and they didn’t make me buy loads of systems in advance unlike the other company I was with before…”
Steve Humphries
“Loving my hair integration, only had it a few weeks so looking to see how things go!”
Jane Williams