Hair Replacement

Whatever your skin colour, race, or gender, if you are looking for the best Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in the UK, Invisi clinics provide the latest in undetectable human hair integration with styling and beauty to match. Unlike conventional wigs modern hair system manufacturing uses the highest quality human hair, expertly matched in colour and density to your natural mane. Each unit is specifically customised to individual’s style requirements, designed and constructed to appear as if hair is developing directly from your scalp.

The state of the art base material Invisi Skin is virtually invisible to sight and touch. This second epidermis enables skin to breathe and sweat naturally. You can live a normal active life, go to the gym, swim etc.. Our stylists will add that touch of panache.

If you are worried about thinning in men and women, then don’t be. At our hair loss treatment centre the clinicians specialise in hair restoration. We employ accredited experts dealing with both male and female hair replacement.Clinical studies have shown that non-surgical methods to restore a full head of hair can be more effective than surgery due to hair transplant cost. The practice uses the very latest advancements in science, Invisi Skin to make the full or partial systems, which can then be styled, coloured and highlighted to suit desired taste.

In today’s modern society there is no longer the need to suffer with hair thinning, wearing an uncomfortable toupee, or to simply be bald. The solutions developed by us will allow you the freedom to live a full and active life. Why not call us today and have a chat with one of our consultants. It just may be the start of a new and exciting change in your life. Contact Us.

Before and After Pictures

Some examples of Invisi clients before and after their hair systems have been fitted.