Hair Restoration

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Hair restoration is the umbrella term used for all forms of hair regrowth, including surgical treatments; and it also includes the non surgical method of replacing hair with for example, toupees; and wigs for men and women.

Hair Restoration

There are several natural ways to assist with hair restoration when hair is thinning, but not at the stage where hair needs to be replaced, or transplanted. MSM is a naturally occurring sulphur compound found in foods such as milk; and garlic, but it has been suggested that modern diets do not contain enough, therefore supplementation may be required. It is the major building block of glycosaminoglycans which is one of the key constituents of bones; teeth and collagen. It is also very important, however, for the manufacture of many proteins, including those found in hair, skin and nails, and so is able to aid hair regrowth.

The most common form of hair loss, leading to people seeking a variety of alopecia treatment is male and female androgenic pattern baldness. It affects more men than women. Women do tend to suffer more with generalised hair thinning due to a variety of medical related conditions that are more common in females. The other form of hair loss which affects in equal numbers males and females is the autoimmune condition alopecia areata; totalis and universalis.

Many women considering how to stop hair loss may be concerned as to which hair rejuvenation treatment is best for them. We have developed a chart to assist them in the process and this can be found in the research article hair transplant for women which gives a critical review on surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Many clinics in the UK will specialise in one or two forms of hair rejuvenation, for example, hair transplant clinics carry out surgical procedures only. Invisi Hair, specialise in painless non-surgical hair replacement and growth technologies. We provide a wide range of hair integration systems for men, and wigs and hairpieces for women, custom made with a fitting and maintenance service for clients. For anyone interested in cost analysis of hair systems please read the informative review of hair replacement cost and hair transplant cost in the UK.

Invisi Hair is affiliated with highly skilled hairdressers who are instructed in hair loss prevention. Our hair replacement stylist Birmingham, for example, was trained at the prestigious Birmingham University college in hair sculpturing. The hair replacement stylist London, on the other hand, has many years experience in wigs, toupees and the hair rejuvenation business.