Hair Volumiser

Some women experience generalised hair thinning, this is particularly so post menopause. When this occurs it is very difficult for women to address this problem because it does not merit hair replacement, and having the hair shaved, but it is also not a good scenario with hair transplant for women due to the poor quality of the hair on the back of the scalp nearer to the nape of the neck where the hair is usually grafted from.Invisi Hair Clinic have developed a solution for this problem by designing a bespoke hair volumiser which is completely and naturally integrated in to your own hair, simply to add fuller density. Nicky Clark is a UK leading hair designer for Invisi, and specialises in creating super light, 100% human hair, bespoke hair integration.

Invisi Hair Clinic takes pride in addressing all hair loss issues, including female androgenetic hair loss; scarring alopecia; hair loss due to trichotillomania, and other forms of alopecia, all of which may be suitable for a hair volumiser. Depending upon your own hair colour we can provide a variety of different human hair from around the world, for example, European hair for shades of blonde and brown; Indian Remy hair for Asian colour tones; and Russian Mongolian hair obtained from young donors which is reputedly the highest quality hair due to it’s lustrous property and bounce. Base design is unique to each individual and is comprised of a light open weft and lace monofilament to create a natural parting, and an invisible front hair line. Your own hair can be pulled through the open weft to integrate the volumiser more naturally and to help with securing it to your scalp. If you are seeking advice and solutions to hair loss in women we think we can provide the answer by offering the highest quality hairpieces for women.