How to Thicken Hair

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What are the alternatives? Depending on your hair loss severity, we may recommend to you how to thicken hair by using the latest thickener brands.

Toppik hair fibre products give instant loss camouflage. We implement a treatment plan and usage training for the variety of high tech electrostatic thickening products, giving the immediate effect of a full head of hair.  Toppik hair fibre is market leading, attaching to your natural growth and scalp, increasing volume/density and darkening the scalp beneath. Your own gradient is matched to form a perfect integration with hair fibres. These products are very useful for effectively camouflaging thin hair, boosting self confidence and improving your general appearance. We provide a range of hair restoration products.
How to Thicken Hair
Toppik fibres offer instant hair loss treatment for male pattern baldness, and thinning hair in women. These products are not a topical cream or spray. The scientifically developed binding formula ideally demonstrates how to thicken hair. Our experts will colour match and choose the appropriate fibres for integration into your natural hair, they are applied to balding areas on the scalp.The fibres electro statically attach to the hair shaft, creating the illusion of increased density within seconds of application. The fibres contain proteins similar to that made within the follicle; colourless downy shafts become thicker and healthier looking as the fibres begin to build. The products are suitable for both male and females, and are compatible with MGT Saw Palmetto and Monoxidil hair regrowth treatments.

Consultation and usage training is free. Concealment products are available from our online shop, or from the Birmingham clinic. Call to discuss your hair loss concerns with us.