Invisi Hair Clinic

You will always feel welcome at the Invisi Hair Clinics, the staff are professionally qualified and will treat client information in confidence. As hair loss sufferers, we fully understand that taking action to confront your alopecia is a momentous decision. On your first visit here, any apprehensions you may have will quickly disappear, as your are greeted by our friendly staff. All of the services we offer, including consultations and treatments are carried out in private, within a relaxing luxury environment. You will meet with our consultants who will put your mind at ease and reaffirm the positive steps you have taken to confront your hair loss. Our staff working at the hair clinic are discrete and helpful. You are welcome to bring along a friend or relation for support and second opinion.

hair replacement salon with happy customers

We provide the best alternatives to hair transplant surgery and our restoration programmes are market leading. Why not come and see the results first!  Our consultants are highly skilled in Male and Female hair integration procedures and will be very happy to let you examine and discuss in detail the Invisi Skin hair replacement systems. This way you can draw own conclusions.

As with all of the hair loss programmes provided by the clinic, consultations and treatment procedures such as Hair Regrowth; Laser Hair Treatment and Hair Replacement are performed in private rooms within the salon.

The hairpiece design and laser treatments are carried out by our consultants and technicians. Our skilled stylist’s take care of cosmetic beauty and styling techniques adding that touch of finesse, and creating a masterpiece with your hair. The accredited staff fully appreciate that taking steps to confront your hair loss is a positive and rewarding action.