Invisi Hair Video

Nicky Clark’s Evolution Hair Replacement Video
The cutting-edge technology involved in the Evolution system allows for an almost weightless base; transparent and weighing in at just over 1 gram, one of the lightest hair modules in existence today, it enables complete invisibility. The Invisi Skin base is implanted with the very finest individual human hair which is colour graduated; texture and density graded to integrate perfectly with the clients own hair type.

The Evolution hair replacement system is synthesised with the scalp so as to give the appearance that the hair is originating from the scalp, facilitating hairstyles which are worn off the forehead and face. For maximum visual impact, the system is replaced every month, allowing for numerous styles and looks to be achieved within a twelve month period. The hair fusion polymer is designed to suit all ages; genders and ethnicities. The membrane known as the second epidermis is designed to emulate living skin, and allows for the biological activity of oxygenation and respiration to occur naturally.