Invisi Skin™

Invisi Skin Original Cuticle Hair Replacement Systems

Invisi manufactures a diverse range of advanced non surgical second epidermis, polymer based hair replacement systems. The comprehensive range includes 40 different modules including custom made and stock items, suitable for all genders, ages and ethnicities. The collection includes Nicky Clarks Evolution hair unit, one of the most advanced undetectable systems available in the world today. They are manufactured using 100% supreme cuticle human hair (Remy Hair) with virtually all natural graduated colours catered for, and considered to be amongst the finest quality obtainable. During consultation with the Trichologist a perfectly customised module is designed to suit your requirements, and will be dependant on age, gender, ethnicity and hair style preferences.

Hair Fusion Polymers

The Invisi Skin Hair Fusion component is manufactured from synthesized natural looking polymers that emulate living skin. This translucent skin membrane (second epidermis) is then fused with individually implanted human hair. The modules colour, density, texture and wave is expertly matched to each clients own hair, creating a bespoke design that is virtually indistinguishable from their own existing hair. The tailor made base emulates the clients scalp and creates a second skin-like smooth surface, Invisi Skin, virtually invisible to sight and touch. Hair appears to be growing directly out of the clients scalp. This unique material allows the skin to breath and sweat naturally; it can be worn off the face, and does not restrict a clients lifestyle, allowing for sporting activities, such as swimming, going to the gym, and conducting usual day to day activities.

Listed below are some popular Hair Fusion modules which are examples of the vast range we hold to suit each of our clients personal requirements.

Skin Hair Fusion
second skin hair fusion base
A very popular non-surgical hair system, A relatively lightweight base but long lasting 6 gram polymer, due to innovative knotted cuticle. Medium calibre, full colour/density pallet, and versatile for styling.
Combi-Skin and Star Lace
pu and lace hair replacement
Ideal Non-Surgical hair unit, incorporating Invisi Lace star front supports, offering a natural hair-line, medium density, long lasting 6 gram polymer and knotted cuticle, full colour pallet and flexibility for styling.
All Lace Fusion
lace wig human hair
One the worlds lightest weight hair replacement systems, features a one piece scalp contoured, Invisi Nano Lace base with invisible bleached knots to the frontal area. Full swatch/denseness pallet, medium durability, ultra realism, very easy to style.
Nicky Clarks Evolution Hair System
nicky clarks evolution pu hair system
Arguably the most advanced, disposable undetectable hair module available. Human hair is individually implanted directly into Invisi Nano Skin, emulating human hair transplants and replicating natural growing hair. The polymer base weighs in at 1 to 3 grams, the finest ever produced. Full pallet available, indistinguishable from your natural hair. Recommended six systems pa.
Invisi Hollywood Hair
hollywood lace hairpiece
This extremely ingenious multi layered hair unit incorporates a polymer skin with Invisi Nano Lace, and a superfine monofilament, creating a larger, merged invisible front hair line. Full density/colour pallet, medium durability, wear off the face.
Afro Hair Fusion
afro hair designs
Extremely realistic, light weight Afro hair design, amalgamates a 6 gram skin polymer with fine monofilament, Afro colour pallet including grey blends, Freestyle curl options with medium density human hair.
Stretch Invisi Skin Wig
wigs for chemotherapy and alopecia
This state of the art human hair design is perfect for total baldness and blends polymers with a Invisi Nano Lace front and superfine monofilament. The system clings to the scalp and uses invisible front hair line bonding to be undetectable. Full colour/thickness pallet, Freestyle natural curl, with short or shoulder length hair. Supreme quality celebrity hair.
Celebrity Hair Lace Wig
beautiful hairpieces for women
These superb quality human hair wigs incorporate an adjustable monofilament and Invisi Nano Lace base, suitable to wear over existing hair or for total baldness. Clever fixing methods provide a completely natural appearance. Complete colour/density pallet, Freestyle natural curl, available with short or shoulder length hair. Highest quality hollywood wigs.