Laser for Hair Loss

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People have explored countless ways of dealing with hair restoration.

The Invisi biometrics hair regrowth laser produces a super pulse electrical energy, with laser light irradiation at a wavelength of 650-810 nm(nanometers) to directly stimulate cellular activity within the hair follicles, and is classed as a medical grade laser for hair loss and alopecia treatment. These machines are less time consuming and more effective than laser combs due to the application method and number of diodes. You can buy the Invisi Biometrics Hair Lasers from our online shop.

The action of laser hair restoration on the scalp also stimulates increased capillary blood flow, encouraging increased oxygenation and nutrient levels in the desired areas where hair has thinned, or been lost altogether. This is thought to have two main actions, and those are to improve the overall skin quality and health of the scalp, and to encourage cellular repair of damaged hair follicles which may then encourage hair regrowth.

The laser hair growth light itself penetrates at a depth of 3.0 – 5.0 mm in to the tissues of the scalp, increasing the production of melanin, one of the constituents of hair itself, assisting in the growth of strong, healthy hair.

The digital timer ranges from 5-40 minutes, with an optimal time of 25-30 minutes laser session possible. The machine has in-built safety features, which means that it automatically switches itself off after the specified time. It is a CE approved machine for use in Europe.

The wavelength is set at a researched LLLT therapeutic level for hair regrowth, and no side effects using these machines have been reported to date. It is non-invasive ‘cold light therapy’, which means the person sitting under the machine will feel no sensations. There is little risks of cross infection because it does not have direct skin contact.

In addition to this Invisi can provide a biometrics home laser for hair loss with 60 diode laser modules inside a whole head hood. This comes with it’s own stand which can be positioned so that people can watch TV, listen to music whilst they are having treatment. Again the wavelength is set at therapeutic level, the machine is safe and easy to use with digital control and in-built laser wave length level, Both the medical and home machines are used with recommended safety eye goggles.

Comprehensive Laser Training Courses are available for Trade Clients.

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