Laser Hair Restoration Preston

Hello my name is Sarah I am a partner of Invisi Laser Hair Restoration Preston. The company I work for started in 2001 and now has a chain of centres scattered across the UK, with over 60 trained professionals, including myself.

Our philosophy is all about looking good but in a safe, health conscious environment with people who truly know what they are doing.

Over the past years we have provided laser hair restoration in Preston, and we now offer our customers pulsed Low Level Laser Therapy as a combination treatment along with technically advanced topical and oral products to tackle hair loss and encourage good hair regrowth in people suffering with different forms of alopecia. LLLT was developed in the USA, and has now become firmly established in the UK.

Laser Therapy Preston
All of our staff are trained to provide educated responsible advice to people on how to stop hair loss, and this includes advice related to alopecia treatments. There are numerous substantiated research studies to prove that laser for hair loss is both safe and effective, with our machine having both CE approval, and in the US, FDA certification. Our Sun Lounge is able to offer people a clean, private environment in which to receive treatment courses that remain confidential between client and staff. Our affiliation with the Invisi Hair Clinic offers us the addition of expert advice when needed and an excellent network of people who are specially trained in the fields of health, and hair loss, such as trained nurses; Trichologists; and Laser Therapy experts. Hair loss is very distressing but very often gets by-passed within the NHS because it is not considered to be a condition requiring priority, as a result this may lead to the sufferer feeling isolated and unhappy. As a company we aim at making people feel as good as they can by providing laser hair restoration in Preston. So come along to the Lounge and meet our staff.
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