Female undergoing laser hair treatment

Laser Hair Treatment

We may recommend laser hair treatment for clients showing early signs of loss, typically during the first 1-6 years. Whatever your race, skin colour, or gender, the laser growth therapy can be very effective to stimulate hair regrowth and thickening. The clinical laser uses pulsed wave LLLT to safely stimulate hair follicles just a few mm below the scalp. Blood flow to the follicle is increased delivering more nutrients and stabilising hair loss.Results vary from person to person but for most clients, typically 85-90% will experience positive hair restoration; improvement in the quality of previously vellus strands, general hair thickening and often new growth from the dormant cells. This therapy works best if used in parallel with MGT topical products.
Invisi is a manufacturer of digital laser hair restoration machines.

Advanced LLLT laser hair treatment is carried out at our clinics in the UK, and for the home regimen we provide an excellent in-home biometrics laser for hair loss, which can be purchased from our online shop. Both schemes can be used safely with our medicated MGT hair regrowth products and 5 alpha reductase inhibitior, accelerating the effectiveness of the growth cycle. In general clients will see improvements in hair density within 6 weeks of starting the programme, and positive results using our FDA complient laser hair growth machine at home.Invisi recommends at least a 6 month course of therapy for excellent results. Success of this type of regime depends largely upon the degree of hair falling out prior to commencement of the action plan. The remedy is very effective where the clients hair loss is not too severe, and it is best used in conjunction with 5 alpha reductase inhibitors and DHT blockers. Your hairs calibre and quality will be monitored over a pre-determined period. Take advantage of a free consultation with us today. Contact Us.