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Mens Hair Replacement Newport

Hello my name is Sandra, I am happy to introduce myself as the affiliate stylist working in Men’s Hair Replacement Newport, for Invisi Hair Replacement Systems Ltd. Although I have worked in hairdressing for thirty years now it never ceases to amaze me just how many people are suffering with some form of hair loss in the UK today. It is distressing for people, so having the opportunity to now offer a private mobile service for my clients is invaluable.

I enjoy my work because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people, help them look and feel better about themselves and boost their confidence. I love being creative, and giving hair restoration clients the look they desire. Invisi Hair gave me full training to do this.

Mens Hair Replacement Newport
I consider Newport my home town, and I am proud to represent this industrious Welsh region, helping to introduce my customers in this area to the new hair technology in the form of hair systems originating from the Hollywood film industry, where exact colour matching and undetectable hairline are part of the illusion created when making blockbuster movies. After leaving school, I went to college to train as a hairdresser before going on to work at various reputable salons. I have specialised in gentlemen’s styling, and was fortunate enough to win the Gentleman’s Styling Cup for my efforts. More recently, I have moved in to mobile hairdressing, my business is called Sandy Mobile Hairdressing. I can now provide a personalised hairdressing service; and discreet wig and hair system service for my hair loss sufferers. Through my training I am able to guide people through the entire process from taking a head template of exact hair loss pattern, fitting and styling, and necessary regular refusion sessions where the system is removed, cleaned and refitted/styled. I am looking forward to meeting my new customers and discussing their needs.
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