Men’s Hair Replacement Oxford

Hello, my name is Grant. I am originally from South Africa and have been living in the U.K for the last 8 years.

I am a qualified hairdresser with 13 years experience within the industry, skilled in all aspects of hairdressing for both men and women of all ages. I have worked in the centre of the West End for 7 years and currently work at the prestigious Invisi Hair salon in Marylebone high street.

In my experience one of my biggest challenges within the salon is dealing with the sensitive issue of hair loss, it is a subject that arises many times.

This is why I am proud to be part of Invisi Hair Replacement Systems and to work in Men’s Hair Replacement Oxford area.

Mens Hair Replacement Oxford
During my career so far I have worked on numerous fashion shows and beauty pageants both in London and South Africa. I am also lucky enough to have styled the hair of a few celebrities, including Darren Brown, Christopher Eccleston and a couple of the B.B.C reporters. One of my passions is teaching the apprentices, as they are the future of our industry. What amazes me is how things change so rapidly in my line of work. The new hair technology has come such a long way in recent years that a hair unit is now totally undetectable. I currently run a mobile hairdressing service. It suits my hair loss clients in Oxford, who I can then attend to in privacy, avoiding any embarrassment felt. I provide a professional hairdressing and hair restoration service. I offer advice for people who would like to change their style or for those who are affected by hair loss. I will cut and style the new hair system to each client’s individual needs. Further appointments can be made to maintain the new look.
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