Mens Hair Replacement Plymouth

Hello my name is Sally, I would like to introduce myself as the affiliate stylist working in Mens Hair Replacement Plymouth, for Invisi Hair Replacement Systems Ltd. I specialise in a complete wig and hair replacement personalisation service, offering advice to both clients suffering from medical hair loss, and genetic hair loss, or for those just looking for a new image. I can either cut and style your own wig or hair piece to personally suit you, or you can purchase a hair unit, or wig through Invisi Hair.

I am a fully qualified senior stylist, trained in 2009, to an Advanced level by Trevor Sorbie MBE at the L’Oreal International Academy in London, and am proud to be a participant of the My New Hair Project.

Mens Hair Replacement Plymouth
I also have further technical wig training from Trendco in Brighton, and through Invisi Hair clinic who train in hair system procedures and techniques to achieve the best look for the customer. I am proud to be able to offer my expertise to the bustling coastal city of Plymouth. I first became interested in hair restoration when I discovered that over 35% of the UK population suffer with some form of hair loss. After talking to my clients I realised that it is very distressing for some of them, so being able to boost customers confidence gave me a great feeling of satisfaction. The Trevor Sorbie’s compassionate and professional approach to helping clients wear a suitably styled wig has also been a very rewarding aspect to my work, and of course this forms the basis of my work at the salon. I am now able to offer a mobile service for hair loss customers who may desire privacy to avoid any embarrassment, and I am able to guide them through the whole process of having a new hair unit from beginning to end.
Invisi Hair
Plymouth, PL7