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Men’s Hair Replacement Reading

Hello my name is Grant and I work in Men’s Hair Replacement Reading for Invisi Hair Replacement Systems Ltd. Reading is more readily associated with music festivals and savvy shops, but it can now also benefit from the offer of my mobile hair service for hair loss customers.

I started out my career in hairdressing in South Africa, which is my home country, but for the past 8 years I have lived and worked in the UK building up a sound stylist portfolio working first in the busy West End of London and then moving to the prestigious Invisi Hair salon in Marylebone high street.

I first got in to hair restoration when I discovered that an astounding 35% of us in the UK suffer with hair loss.

Mens Hair Replacement Reading
I offer advice to people who would like to change their hair style, or for those who are experiencing hair loss, and who have taken the next step in trying out the latest technology in hair units, originating from the Hollywood film industry where hair integration and colour matching was first perfected. My own list of famous people I have had as clients is one not to be frowned upon, even if I say so myself. I have styled the hair of Darren Brown; Christopher Eccleston and several BBC reporters, so fear not, my hair loss customers are in the hands of an experienced all round hairstylist. As well as big names I have worked as a stylist at both beauty pageants and fashion shows in the UK and in South Africa. My hair loss clients can benefit from a full stylist service, including repeat appointments for re-fusion of the hair unit and cutting, styling of their own hair to integrate with the system, to ensure that all my Reading customers leave me feeling confident they can live an active life without any embarrassment.
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