Men’s Hair Replacement Swansea

Hello my name is Sandra, I would like to introduce myself as the affiliate hair stylist working in men’s hair replacement Swansea, for Invisi Hair Replacement Systems Ltd.

I have over thirty years experience in hair styling. I am very proud to cover the Swansea
area steeped in history of coal mining; theatrical male voice choirs; and thriving university life.

I love my work as a hair stylist and now find it enormously gratifying to have taken on board hair loss clients in the Swansea area. I realise through talking to my clients that hair loss can be very distressing, so I cannot express how happy I was when Invisi Hair Clinic were able to offer me a training course for hair restoration techniques and introduced me to advanced hair systems.

Mens Hair Replacement Swansea
After leaving school, I trained at college to do hairdressing, and had the honour of winning awards in Gentleman’s Styling of which I am very proud. My experience includes working in several reputable salons, before moving in to mobile hairdressing in more recent times. I feel that particularly in the case of my hair loss clients, they appreciate the privacy of a home service to avoid the embarrassment of having their system fitted in a public salon. I provide a personalised hairdressing service as well as a discreet wig and hair replacement service. I can give a full service for any of my hair system clients from start to finish including making a head template to fit exact hair loss patterns; fitting service and styling service, plus any following refusion, clean ups and re-fitting required on a regular basis. I am friendly and personable, and will put all my customers at ease. The aspect of my work which makes me the happiest is giving my clients the confidence back to live an active full life with a smile.
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