Men’s Hair Replacement Swindon

Hello my name is Grant, I would like to introduce myself as the affiliate stylist working in Men’s Hair Loss Replacement Swindon, for Invisi Hair Replacement Systems Ltd. I originally come from South Africa, where I have gained valuable stylist experience featuring in various beauty pageants and fashion shows. I have been in the UK for the past 8 years working in the busy West End of London and more recently in the prestigious Invisi Hair salon in Marylebone high street.

I was introduced to hair restoration through Invisi’s detailed hair loss website, and on further communication with them it lead to a training course I attended in the Midlands.
I am now up and running as a mobile stylist, which my hair loss clients love because it is a discreet service.

Mens Hair Replacement Swindon
I have settled in Swindon and class it as my home town, and was amazed to discover it has a unique history of it’s own. During the last century it was at the hub of railway development, and so was a very important location in terms of the industrial revolution. Later on it became important for the car industry, so I feel proud to live in an area steeped in interesting history. As far as my hairdressing history goes, I also have a few things to be proud of. I am skilled in all aspects of hairdressing, and have amongst my client list several famous names. For instance I have styled the hair of Darren Brown, Christopher Eccleston and several BBC reporters. I enjoy my work as a professional hairstylist, and now enjoy the bonus of having a mobile hairdressing service, and attending to the needs of my hair loss customers. I am able to offer a full service including follow up re-fusion and styling appointments for my clients who go away from me happy and confident again.
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