Advanced Quantum AI Nano Technology Laser Comb

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Product Features:-

  • Dual Biomimetic Nano Tachnology
  • Control Hair Loss in Men and Women of all ages.
  • Stimulate hair re-growth of scalp hair.
  • Strengthen, improve and thicken existing hair.
  • Optimal absorbency of topical lotions and tonics.
  • Accurate and deep penetration of hair lotions and tonics achieved.


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Scalp Actions:

  • Improved blood, oxygen and nutrient supply for accelerated healing.
  • Increases collagen fibre regeneration and melanin for improved tensile shaft strength and intense hair colour.
  • Increases ATP activity boosting the immune response.
  • Kills pathogens; bacteria; fungal infections and mites.
  • Regulates oil secretions.

New Advanced Laser Comb Technology
The hand held Quantum AI combs use biomimetic nano technology to administer lotions to the hair root and repair/regrow hair using low level laser therapy. They also have a unique action of using infrared light to remove dead cells from the scalp and kill pathogens to create a clean healthy scalp environment to grow hair. The way the low level laser comb regrows hair is by increasing the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) activity within the cell which energises the cell in to repairing itself. At the same time it will encourage increased blood flow to the scalp to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to aid rapid repair, and carry away waste products. The combs are designed to work on a variety of conditions causing alopecia, including male and female pattern hair loss; menopausal hair thinning; telogen effluvium due to nutritional deficiencies or postpartum hormone imbalance; alopecia due to chemical toxicity or radiotherapy; unhealthy scalp due to excessive sebum build-up.
Both combs have a re-chargeable battery and the set comes with a mobile charging stand so that it can easily be taken with you when traveling. The laser operates at 650 nm which is the optimum wavelength for hair re-growth as researched by some of the best universities in the world, such as Harvard Medical school. The laser light is pulsed at 50 Hz and this is a proven technology to work more effectively than any constant wave machines available on the market today. We believe the Invisi Quantum AI is one of the most effective hair growth laser combs available.

Hair Growth Sytem Operation:
The laser comb has the facility to emit both pulsed low level laser light for optimum hair re-growth; and infrared light to encourage mild micro-dermabrasion effects to remove dead cells from the scalp. The second comb is a hair growth lotion infusing instrument to enable even distribution and deep penetration of lotions to target areas. This effect is combined with a vibrating massage probe to promote dilation of hair root follicles for maximum absorption of lotions and tonics. The laser comb has a wavelength of 650 nanometres; pulsed laser light at 50 Hz; contains a rechargeable battery with a pre-use charge time of 6 hours. The hair growth lotion comb has a vibrating speed of between 5000 to 8500 rpm and a rechargeable battery with a pre-use charge time of 6 hours.
Invisi Hair’s professional laser hair restoration machine model 60-E is one of the most advanced variable pulse diode instruments available in the UK. The machine uses microprocessor managed variable laser light ( pulse LLLT ) 650-810nm for optimum laser hair growth. This technology has proven to be far more effective than CW LLLT machines returning excellent results within shorter time scales. The machine incorporates a wealth of features including touch screen technology; Large 120 wide scanned true laser for hair loss; Electro Bio mode for topical absorption; Neon Electro Stimulation Instrument for cellular electrical and chemical activity; Built in Scalp Analysis with image processor; Air Brush with compressor for topical applications; MP3 and MP4 media player with USB storage feature; Large diode housing for full head coverage and maximised laser hair treatment; Robotic adjustable arm and panel to treat all conceivable hair loss patterns. Impressive high quality and illuminated machine construction to grace high end establishments. This state of the art hair restoration machine presents an excellent investment for hair transplant clinics; beauty treatment establishments and salons looking to upgrade existing equipment or a new strategic business potential. For an in-depth overview on how to stop hair loss please refer to our comprehensive guide on preventative measures and effective treatment regimes.