Amber Solvent Hair System – 118ml

Product Features:-

  • Amber Super Solvent
  • Amber Super Strength Adhesive Solvent
  • Second Skin Hair Replacement Systems



Amber Solvent Hair System – Suitable for all Lace and Polyurethane Second Skin Hair Replacement Systems. Amber Super Strength Adhesive Solvent is a revolutionary water rinse able adhesive solvent that provides fast release without using acetones and alcohol, which can reduce the life of hair replacement systems. This formula is non oily and leaves no residue once rinsed away with water. Clean up time of the Hair Replacement System is significantly reduced by 50-70% and it will also minimize the clean up time of latex bonded Hair Extensions. Bottle comes with a handy spray nozzle for ease of application to the scalp. This adhesive solvent is biodegradable and gentle on the skin. Large: 118ml.