Anagen Boosting Serum for Female Hair Loss

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  • Increases Anagen phase Hair Growth
  • Female Pattern/Post menopausal Hair Thinning
  • Synergistic with LLLT Therapy
  • Anti-Bacterial/Fungal
  • Manufactured by Leading UK Trichologists
  • Also effective as a Stand Alone Product



This proprietary DHT blocker contains both Minoxidil 5%, and Saw Palmetto which acts as a 5 alpha Reductase Inhibitor to block the conversion of testosterone in to DHT. It also contains botanical ingredients Humulus Lupus, and Trifolium Pratense both of which stimulate hair re-growth and enable the Minoxidil content to work more effectively, and have anti-inflammatory and anti-dermatosis properties which is very important in promoting a healthy scalp for new hair growth. All of these ingredients are designed to become more reactive when exposed to low level laser light treatment making it the ideal combination therapy. In addition to this the Saw Palmetto; Azaleic Acid Compound and Caffeine all work in synergy to control hair loss more effectively. The solution is non-greasy and is designed for rapid absorption into the scalp, and has an application dropper for ease of use.