Hair Growth Laser For Home Treatment

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Product Features:-

  • Advanced in-home Biometric Hair Growth Laser Machine
  • For Personal Hair Restoration or Beauty Clinics/Hair Salon
  • Excellent for both Male and Female Pattern Baldness or Thinning Hair
  • FDA 1040.11 compliant laser machine. Model 41B
  • CE Certified Approval
  • True Laser Technology with LLLT wide angle laser disperse pattern. Laser dome shape may vary with same functionality.
  • Unique scanned laser beams for maximum scalp coverage equivalent to clinical specification laser machines
  • FREE laser protection eyewear goggles
  • Laser Treatment session timer and Professional Stand
  • Excellent add-on business opportunity for beauty clinics and hair salons
  • 20% discount off all hair growth products from our online shop with this laser machine purchase: MGT; Hair Loss Shampoo; Scalp Therapy; Vitamin Conditioner; Oral DHT blocker; please call for details.




Introducing the latest technology in hair growth laser for home treatment, the Invisi Hair Biometrics laser for hair loss machine incorporates the revolutionary LLLT technology clinically proven to stimulate hair regrowth and encourage hair thickening. The system is designed to be used safely at home and is supplied with laser eyewear protective goggles. These laser hair growth machines are more effective than laser combs due to the light dispersion and number of active laser light sources. The wave length is automatically set for optimal hair growth performance. The Biometrics laser light works directly on the hair papilla promoting blood flow and nutrients to the hair follicles stimulating new hair growth from dormant follicles and improving the strength/condition of hair shafts. The machine is easy to operate with the push of a button providing safe laser hair treatment for use in the home or hair salons. For experienced Hair Clinics and Salons see our professional hair growth laser machine incorporating digital microprocessor controls and variable laser light wave length for hair restoration procedures.