Invisi Bio Vitamin Conditioner

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  • Contains Vit B group: Niacin and Pantothenic Acid
  • Contains oil soluble Vit A; D and E
  • Contains water soluble Vit C
  • Contains coconut extract for shine and lustre as well as beautiful scent
  • Maximum benefit achieved when used with Invisi Maximum Growth Shampoo
  • Synergistic with Low Level Laser Therapy

£22.80 Inc VAT


Bio Vitamin Conditioner is designed to have maximum effect when used in conjunction with Invisi Bio Technologies Maximum Growth Shampoos, combined with low level laser therapy. It can however be very effective as a stand alone product. It contains a bio-multivitamin complex that increases tensile strength of hair shafts and moisturises both the scalp and the hair to give shine and lustre. It is ideal for dry or chemically treated hair. The hair feels beautifully soft and smooth for ease of styling after use. 200 ml.