Laser Hair Restoration Machine

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  • World leading pulse Laser Hair Restoration Machine
  • For Salons, Individuals & Hair Transplant and Replacement Clinics
  • Model 60G True Laser variable Pulse Technology LLLT 650-810nm
  • CE Certified Approval
  • Large 8 inch Touch Screen Technology
  • Revolutionary 256 Wide Scanning Diode Lasers Enclosure Upgrade to 676 Diode Laser
  • Laser Electro Hair Stimulation Comb Instrument
  • Electro Bio Therapy Probe Instrument
  • Built-in Scalp Analysis Instrument with Display
  • Air Brush with Compressor for Topical Applications
  • Additional Head & Neck Massager with Multiple Settings
  • MP3 / MP4 Music and Video Player with USB
  • FREE laser eyewear protective goggles
  • 20% discount off hair growth products from our online shop with this laser machine purchase: MGT; Scalp Therapy and Complete oral DHT blocker; please call for details.
  • 1 Year Warranty with options to extend to 3 or 5 years in total.
  • UK Based Company for support, Customer Service, Training and Certification.




Invisi Hair’s professional laser hair restoration machine model 60-G is one of the most advanced variable pulse diode instruments available in the UK. The machine uses microprocessor managed variable laser light ( pulse LLLT ) 650-810nm for optimum laser hair growth (Not just at 650nm like other machines). This technology has proven to be far more effective than CW LLLT machines returning excellent results within shorter time scales. The machine incorporates a wealth of features including touch screen technology; Large 256 wide scanned true laser for hair loss; Electro Bio mode for topical absorption; Laser Electro Stimulation Instrument for cellular electrical and chemical activity; Built in Scalp Analysis with image processor; Air Brush with compressor for topical applications; Head & Neck Massager with multiple relaxing and circulation settings, MP3 and MP4 media player with USB storage feature; Large diode housing for full head coverage and maximised laser hair treatment; Robotic adjustable arm and panel to treat all conceivable hair loss patterns. Impressive high quality and illuminated machine construction to grace high end establishments. This state of the art hair restoration machine presents an excellent investment for hair transplant clinics; beauty treatment establishments and salons looking to upgrade existing equipment or a new strategic business potential. For an in-depth overview on how to stop hair loss please refer to our comprehensive guide on preventative measures and effective treatment regimes.