Maximum Growth Shampoo

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  • Mild Formulation no SLES or SLS
  • Hair Re-Growth Formula
  • Synergistic with LLLT therapy treatment regimes
  • Anti-Dandruff/Anti-Irritant
  • Manufactured by Leading UK Trichologists
  • Also effective as a Stand Alone treatment



This luxurious high quality Hair Re-Growth shampoo has an extremely mild formulation to help maintain hair oils so that the hair keeps its shiny and lustrous look. It contains non of the harsh chemicals which strip the hair of the lipid layer and/or irritate the scalp, such as SLES and SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate; Sodium Laurel Sulfate), which are very strong detergents used also as engine degreasers, industrial strength detergents and used in skin testing as a skin irritant. The shampoo contains herbal growth elements, including Rosmarinus Officinalis to act as a natural cleansing and anti-bacterial agent, and generalised anti-oxidant. It has anti-dandruff and anti-irritant ingredients that work effectively at re-growing damaged hair, and the formulation helps to regenerate hair follicles. This shampoo is synergistic with low level laser therapy but is also very effective as a stand alone treatment to encourage hair re-growth.