Scalp Therapy Hair Loss Treatment

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Scalp Therapy Hair Loss Treatment – Is designed assist our MGT Hair Loss Cure by dissolving sebum build up on the scalp and promote excellent scalp hygiene; sebum is a thick, waxy substance known to clog up hair follicles and impede hair growth. If sebum is not dissolved properly, it can block up the penetration of MGT or other hair re-growth stimulators such as Monoxidil, which only work at the dermal papilla level. When applying hair loss treatments, If your hair is weak and is not strong enough to fight through the sebum, it may curl up and die prematurely, so Scalp Therapy plays an important role in the every day hair loss treatment programs offered by INVISI. Scalp Therapy will significantly aid in the penetration of MGT, dissolve sebum and dandruff build up hair loss causes and increase the overall permeability of the scalp. Scalp Therapy contains a high concentrations of B vitamins particularly B5; essential for beautiful healthy hair. 120ml.