Topik Fibres & Fibrehold Spray

Product Features:-

  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers
  • Toppik Fiberhold Spray
  • Hair Thickening Fibers


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Topik Fibres & Fibrehold Spray – Is our convenient Twin Pack solution for men and women suffering from hair thinning or balding areas. Shake the hair building fibers over areas of the hair that are thin or balding. The electro statically charged particles attach to existing hairs giving an instant full hair loss camouflage within a few seconds. The Toppik UK fibers are made of similar proteins to living hair and you will expertly camouflage thinning downy hair to make it appear thick and healthy. Resistant to wind, rain and scalp perspiration, they remain attached to the hair day and night until you are ready to shampoo out. After application use the Toppik Fiberhold Spray to seal and protect. Spray Fiberhold 8 – 10 inches from the application area using even sprays. May be reapplied as often as required. Toppik UK Fiberhold Spray is scientifically developed to seal fibers onto the living hair, conditioning and softening both living hair and applied hair fibers for an expertly natural and realistic appearance. Large: 25 Gram. Large: 118ml Spray.