Ultra Growth Complex for Male & Female Hair Loss

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  • Phyto-Oestrogen Hair Growth
  • 5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitor
  • Counter-Irritant Menthol action
  • Best Alternative to Monoxidil Regimen
  • Synergistic with LLLT therapy
  • Manufactured by Leading UK Trichologists
  • Effective as a Stand Alone Product



Ultra Growth Complex is an extremely effective DHT blocking formula because of the presence of both phyto-oestrogens and the botanical plant extract Seronoa Serrulata. This unique combination of DHT blocking agents is ideal for men suffering with androgenetic pattern hair loss, and females suffering with either pattern hair loss, or generalised thinning of the hair post menopause. The presence of menthol means that the serum acts as an anti-irritant for sensitive skin and has the action of soothing some scalp conditions. It acts as an all round tonic for the hair, and can be particularly useful for patchy hair loss. This formula can be used as the best alternative to Minoxidil. The presence of Piroctone Olamine as an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal agent; and Methyl Nicotinate to encourage blood flow to the scalp encourages scalp healing to maximise scalp health for new hair growth. This product is designed to work synergistically with low level laser therapy to re-grow hair or is effective as a stand alone hair growth product.