What causes Hair Loss in Men and Women?

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MEN: Hair loss is caused in the main by our genetic make up but there are also factors such as stress, hormonal changes in the body and even some chemical exposure that can contribute to a person loosing their density. Conditions leading to hair falling out are cited in the research article alopecia treatment, by Suzanne, RGN/BSc. This condition accounts for most of the loss typically in men (male pattern baldness). In this condition, hairs become more sensitive to the body’s hormone DHT resulting in depletion of nourishment around the papilla of follicles. As time goes on, this will weaken the shafts causing loss, typically to the front and top of the scalp in males.
WOMEN: As with men, thinning of the hair is caused in the main by genetic make up. Women with alopecia can develop sensitivity to the male hormone, testosterone, this hormone is present in all women. Other factors such as pregnancy, thyroid dysfunction and other medical conditions may also contribute. As with male pattern baldness the shaft will weaken resulting in the hair falling out. In general this occurs to the top and sides of the scalp with the development of thinning patches. The good news is that the Clinic can successfully treat both males and females. With the technical advancements in the treatment programmes and non-surgical Invisi Skin methods, you can once again relish a fuller mane.