Trichologist doing research into alopecia treatment

Why Choose Invisi

About Invisi Hair

Invisi Biomimetics Laser and Hair Replacement Systems was developed by Ayo Lucas and Nicky Clark. The company uses the latest science innovations for hair restoration procedures. The clinic is staffed by academically qualified people with medical backgrounds in anatomy and physiology. The Company has staff previously employed by the NHS and who have published articles in respected medical journals. Invisihair manufactures the Invisi Skin range of hair replacement systems and medical hair growth laser machines.

We sell a comprehensive array of replacement accessories and hair regrowth products, including DHT inhibitors and an extensive line of topical lotions for alopecia treatment.

Our hairstylists are trained in colour/density blending to create a seamless flow between the hair unit and your own natural mane. Whatever your ethnicity, skin colour, or gender, our obligation is to transform your appearance, boost your confidence, add a touch of vogue and hopefully put that spring back into your step when you leave.

Our Services

The clinic takes pride in offering one of the most professional and friendly services available. We have links with Europe and eminent physicians in the USA. Our brochures are available in leading UK cosmetic surgery clinics. Services provided: Bespoke full or partial human hair replacement; hairpieces for women; in-house or home clinical hair laser treatment; concealment and medicated hair loss products; topical preparations, shampoo‘s, conditioners and oral DHT inhibitors; celebrity hair wigs; fashion styling; hair colouring and home treatment plans.

If you are seeking a solution to pattern baldness but find yourself worried about hair transplant cost you no longer need resort to wearing an old fashioned, uncomfortable wig or to be bald. In a society where so much emphasis is placed on ones looks, we deliver a non surgical solution which is far more cost effective with excellent results.

Why not take the positive step and drop in to see us for a hair restoration consultation, it just could be the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life.