Hair Laser Affiliates

Come and be part of Invisi Hair Academy

Invisi Hair Clinic is now able to offer our Affiliate Members a completely unique opportunity to come on board with the latest hair regrowth technology.

Invisi Hair manufactures their own brand of hair regrowth lasers, and are experts in the field of low level laser therapy on offer to hair loss clients throughout the country. This scientific innovation is new to the UK, having being developed in the USA where it is now frequently used either on it’s own or in combination with topical and oral hair regrowth treatments with a great deal of success.

What Invisi can do for you our Affiliate Members:

  • Provide your salon, or home run business with a fully certified and safe hair regrowth laser machine, and laser goggles for your clients
  • Offer you full training at our clinic on the use of low level light therapy for hair regrowth by qualified staff
  • Keep you up to date with new and improved innovations connected to the manufacture of our laser machines
  • Provide you with hair regrowth clients who will receive the initial consultation with us at the clinic
  • Offer you the opportunity to sell hair regrowth products to be used alongside the laser treatments
  • Provide you with a prestigious web page associated with the laser hair regrowth treatment you will be offering to hair loss clients.
  • Set your own pricing level for the laser hair treatment.

What you can do for Invisi:

  • Help Invisi Hair to broaden it’s network of clients receiving laser hair treatment or combination treatments for hair loss
  • Provide a private area or ‘screened off’ (e.g. portable screen) section in your salon in which our clients will receive their treatment
  • Purchase one of our laser machines at an extremely competitive trade price.
  • As qualified staff we are in a position to find a good percentage of your client base and give the initial consultation before referring them on to you. You can also source your own hair loss clients, and the bonus is that both the clients we find and your own will pay you for the laser hair treatments.