Hair Loss Concealer

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One of the most popular instant hair camouflage products on the market for thinning hair is Topik fibres. This is classed as a hair loss concealer,

and acts as an alternative option to going for a hair replacement system, or
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for women, this can either be used as a stand alone product, or it can be used in conjunction with alopecia treatment products to boost your image whilst the hair is growing back at it’s own pace. We are able to provide the full range of Invisi hair loss concealer fibers from the 2.5 gms to the larger 25 gm bottles, and the fix hold spray, and all colour ranges are catered for.

It is not really a product that is intended to use on a scalp where hair loss has been extensive, or if someone has no hair at all, but it is ideal for someone with small balding areas.

It works by electrostatic attraction to the very fine vellus hair in the balding areas giving the appearance that the hair is coarser and fuller than it actually is.

There is a wide range of colour fibres to chose from to match the natural hair, ranging from blonde shades, browns, black, and even grey.

The optimal way to use the Topik fibres is in combination with a fixing spray solution, so that it stays looking good all day.

Invisi Hair offers a range of hair loss treatments and detailed information on how to stop hair loss.