Hair Loss Clinic London

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Welcome to the hair loss clinic London. Our team of clinicians here in London are delivering a top quality hair restoration and hair regrowth service to our valued customers.

We are located centrally, near to the financial square mile and provide the latest state of art hair loss treatments and procedures.

As a team we have many years experience in the hair replacement restoration business, delivering exceptional results and appropriate treatment programmes for male pattern baldness and women suffering from thinning hair. Our advanced hair rejuvenation procedures are second to none, with clients benefiting from a fully bespoke service tailored to each persons hair loss treatment profile. Hair integration is backed up by a competent team of stylists located at the clinic.

From the many years experience we have of delivering alopecia treatment to clients we have found that this aspect of care is neglected in the main stream of health care. Hair loss is not classified as an illness as such, but more a cosmetic consideration and it tends to be dismissed in terms of treatment priority amongst professional institutes. Clinicians at the hair loss clinic London are fully aware that losing hair has a psychological and emotional impact on people and their lives. We are dedicated to provide an affordable and intelligent solution for each clients loss symptoms. We specialise in giving advice on how to stop hair loss, as well as providing a combination hair growth regime, using a range of natural topical and oral products, with the very latest scientific technology in laser hair growth, which is a research based therapy, originating from the USA. Most of the clients we treat suffer with male and female androgenetic pattern baldness, and our therapy programme is proving to be particularly effective with this type of hair loss.

Address: 245 Mile End Road London E1 4BJ – Tel: 0203 507 0241