Hair Replacement Cost

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The hair replacement cost in the UK can vary considerably according to the general quality and base materials used to make the hair module.

Additional to these aspects are associated services provided by a hair clinic in terms of manufacturing a hair module that is individually customised for the client. This might include the measuring and making of an exact head mould; precise matching of colour, density and calibre including accounting for degree of kink or curl in natural existing hair. Preparation of the scalp for fitting; specialist fitting service using specific materials designed for purpose; and finally styling and integrating the system in to your own hair by an expert stylist is an important part of the hair restoration procedure.

Hair Replacement Cost

At any good alopecia treatment clinic the total cost of the hair module will include all of the above additional services, then any following removal/specialist cleaning and refitting services (re-fusion) will be a separate cost on top of the initial fee. It is recommended that a 4-6 weekly refitting service will keep the hair module looking in optimum condition for the client.

There are a variety of options open to the client in terms of how much they would wish to pay, but if quality is of prime importance then a fully bespoke system is highly recommended. Modern non-surgical techniques offer the best alternatives for male hair transplantation and an ideal solution to replace hair transplant for women.

It is possible if your budget is tight to purchase an off the shelf hair module at a considerably lower cost, but the quality in some circumstances may reflect this. Once an off the shelf system has been purchased there is then the problem of finding someone such as a hair stylist who will have the expert knowledge to fit and integrate the system in to your own hair, to a high standard in order for it to appear to be part of your natural mane. The module will also need to be maintained so that it remains at its best for its specified shelf life so to speak.

The ideal scenario is to purchase the system from a clinic where expert fitting can then be carried out by a stylist with specialist knowledge, and where this service is accounted for within the initial cost of the system. Below is a price analysis chart showing different hair replacement cost comparisons:

Table to show competitive pricing at Invisi Hair Clinic

Above: the table demonstrates how Invisi hair replacement systems compete favourably with other hair clinics in terms of price range

Chart showing hair replacement cost in the UK

Above: shows a table of price comparisons with Invisi Hair clinic for several other hair clinics throughout the UK

Some clinics, such as the Invisi Hair Clinic, offer a wide range of up to forty different hair systems (Invisi Skin) to the client and advice on how to stop hair loss, therefore, the above chart only gives an overview of the cheapest hair modules on the market up to the highest end systems available, with inclusion of the most popular range (Bespoke 100% human hair with either PU or combination Lace base). If you are just looking to boost your general appearance maybe add a little panache with a human hair wig then see the hairpieces for women range. It is hoped this information is of service to our clients. For additional information feel free to search our website where you will find detailed information on hair loss treatment in both men and women.

Woman shopping for hair replacement products

above: Suzanne Z Clark, RGN/Dip/BSc