Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham

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Welcome to the Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham clinic. My name is Suzanne and I am one of the clinical team members delivering hair regrowth and hair restoration services for our valued customers.
Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham
My background training is in health and nursing, and I went on to obtain a consumer management degree in 2006, specialising in nutritional aspects of health and well being. Here at the clinic I am able to utilise this training with the provision of a comprehensive range of alopecia treatment combining ‘natural’ nutritional supplementation with the very latest in advanced technology laser hair growth to achieve a great success rate in a large majority of our clients. Nick, our hair replacement specialist, and lead consultant at the clinic works alongside myself and a team of expert stylists here, and around the UK.

One of the major challenges we face here at the clinic is helping our customers to establish why they are suffering with their particular form of alopecia, then simultaneously providing, as much information as we can on how to stop hair loss, with commencement of, a treatment programme for hair regrowth, or a hair replacement procedure. Our clinic boasts one of the most synoptic websites in the UK for hair loss advice. The experience we have had tells us that there are literally thousands of people suffering with this condition who have received little or no information simply because it may be deemed as a cosmetic consideration, rather than one which threatens the health and well being of an individual. But this does not take in to account the psychological and emotional disharmony that may be caused by hair loss. A large majority of the clients we see here at the clinic are suffering with male and female pattern baldness, and following recommendations of the NHS, we specialise in all non-surgical solutions for androgenetic alopecia. Address: 1890B Pershore Road, Birmingham B30 3AS.