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Surgical hair restoration is a growing revolution for hair loss sufferers, particularly since the introduction of the latest techniques

from the USA last year in the form of robotic FUE, increasing the success rate of follicular unit harvesting by up to 50%. Fue transplant clinics in Birmingham have attracted more attention of late largely because of the improved techniques.
Hair Transplant Birmingham
Even though these surgical procedures are a growing trend, there are considerations for alopecia sufferers to make, such as hair transplant cost, which is a big consideration alone, and then there are other factors related to type of hair loss; quality and quantity of donor hair; scarring; and the fact that the genetic element of pattern baldness found in males and females will continue after surgery, all of which are major concerns for the customer.

Regarding baldness treatments, the NHS strongly advise people to look at all solutions available, and before even considering surgery, investigate all the non-surgical avenues open to them. There are numerous options to consider including, topical and oral hair regrowth therapies; natural remedies; and laser hair treatment which, similar to hair transplant for women, has developed largely from research carried out originally in the USA.

The other major growth area in alopecia treatment that fairs favourably with surgical procedures, is known as hair replacement systems. These techniques have several advantages over surgery. High quality hair integration can give extremely consistent and good results every time, which is not always the case with fue procedures. Cost is one of the major considerations in the decision making process for hair loss sufferers.

The Invisi Hair clinic in Birmingham has carried out detailed research outlining the cost comparison between fue surgical restoration, and alternative non invasive techniques. For details of the latest scientific innovations and hair transplant Birmingham, please Contact Us. Address: 1890B Pershore Road, Birmingham B30 3AS – Tel: 0121 562 1741