Scalp Pigmentation

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As an alternative to alopecia treatment micro scalp pigmentation is medical tattooing of the scalp to act as a camouflage for thinning hair in both men and women.

It is not just used however on thinning hair, it can be used on a totally bald scalp to give the appearance of a very closely shaved head of hair, giving the appearance of a hairline that may have been lost due to hair loss.
Scalp Pigmentation
For the actual tattooing technique it takes approximately 10-15 hours in three sessions.
Before the actual tattooing goes ahead however, there is a consultation with a skin test to check for allergic reactions, and a virtual mock up for a desired hairline. The first tattooing session after that is about creating the new hairline and the first fill procedure. The second session is another fill session but is also about creating texture. The third session is perfecting the tattooing. There is a final aftercare session once the tattooing has had time to settle.

The idea of the pigmentation is to make it look as natural as possible, therefore, they will take in to account aspects such as hair direction, and various colour shades which may be found naturally together on the scalp.

It is a procedure used for all stages of hair loss that is permanent, obviously it would not be suitable for temporary hair loss. It can be carried out on all age ranges, and skin types,
but this would be dependant upon the presence of skin disease, in which case it would not be advisable.

In appearance the tattooing can be made to either look like closely shaved hair follicles, or if someone has hair it can be made to look like hair strands which blend with existing hair.

It can also be offered to people who have undergone hair transplant surgery as a process of how to stop hair loss, to enhance their new look. Obviously, there needs to be time gap for healing and hair growth to occur after surgery, before assessing whether it is necessary to go for an additional camouflage technique.