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There are numerous forms of laser hair growth on the market to chose from now that it is becoming an increasingly established method of hair regrowth, with research pointing towards its safe and effective use with few or no side effects;

and most importantly, it’s success in hair restoration and rejuvenating growth in areas that appear to be balding.

The laser hair comb is discussed in more detail under the section, laser combs. One of the most successful of the laser hair combs on the market is from a well known American company, specifically because they carried out a large research study on women suffering with androgenetic pattern baldness, achieved good results, and got FDA clearance to sell it as a hair regrowth device. To buy laser hair treatment machines visit the Invisi shop.

In the USA, there are numerous reputable manufacturers with associated research studies to back up the efficacy of their products. For example, one particular model has 30 four milliwatt diode lasers; another home laser model, on the other hand, is a dual laser light and LED design which comes in the form of a helmet design with headphones, which can play music or plug in to entertainment channels whilst you are receiving treatment.

Some of the laser for hair loss machines are what is termed as medical grade, rather than for home use, and although these will have the same light wave intensity, i.e. between 650 – 800 nano metres, wwhich is optimal for laser hair restoration and re-growth, they tend to have much larger laser heads (with 90 – 190 laser diodes), giving full head coverage. Invisi branded laser machine, and some of the American laser machine companies fall under this category, and these tend to be very effective as an alopecia treatment for hair growth.

All of these laser devices can be used as stand alone treatment, but substantially better results are achieved if they are used as a combination therapy with topical and/or oral hair growth products as they tend to compliment one another in terms of therapeutic action.
Whilst the products block the DHT, the laser is able promote healing in the hair follicles, as described in the LLLT section.

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