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LLLT is an abbreviation of the term Low Level Laser Therapy. This is not only being used for hair regrowth it is also being used in medicine for a variety of reasons,

including as a cancer therapy, using it in combination with a photsensitiser (substance injected in to the blood which is sensitive to the light exposure.). To purchase in-home Laser Hair Growth machines visit the Invisi Hair online shop.

As a treatment for hair restoration LLLT is used on the red light spectrum, and this is actually a very important aspect to the therapy, as any other colour, for example, white light, is not effective. Terms used for this type of therapy can be confusing, because it can also be referred to as phototherapy, or ‘cold laser’. The term cold laser refers to absence of any heat emitted, so when someone sits under a laser for hair loss they will feel no heat, or any other sensation to become alarmed about.

The wavelength of the light has to be within certain parameters to achieve laser hair growth, and all hair growth laser machines are set within these parameters automatically, therefore, they are all safe to use as an alopecia treatment.

The theory is that when the follicular cells are exposed to the laser light source the energy levels within the cells are increased jolting the cell in to working off this extra energy. The theory is that it leads to chemical changes within the cell that make up the follicular matrix, leading to proliferative activity. In other words, it has a direct effect at the cellular level on body repair and rejuvenation. In response the repaired hair follicles grow new hair. There has been research carried out in the USA into laser hair restoration that suggests it is able to reverse apoptisis of the cells (programmed cell death).

There have been good research studies carried out in respected universities, such as, Harvard University, USA, suggesting there are few, if any side effects associated with this treatment and some laser combs have FDA approval.

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