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The laser comb has had USA Food and Drugs Administrative clearance since 2007 for alopecia treatment, and after recognised successful research studies were carried out in to female androgenetic baldness,
Laser Combs
it has had specific clearance for this particular condition since 2011. To purchase our Hair Growth Laser machines please visit the shop.

The laser hair comb works with LLLT technology, in the form of a hand held device which is repeatedly combed through the hair, concentrating on areas of thinning hair.

These devices can work as a stand alone treatment for hair restoration, or they can be used with a combination of topical and/or oral treatments to further enhance the effects of the laser for hair loss.

The number of laser modules in each comb will vary according to the manufacturer, but it will typically range from between seven to twelve.

Again directions for use will vary for different manufacturers, but in general it is advised that laser combs are used approximately three times per week. It is suggested that if treatment regimes are sustained there can be good hair growth results within twelve weeks of commencing treatment.

There have been several research studies, dating back to 2002 up to the present day which report successful hair regrowth in between 85-95% of the participants, with an improvement in the tensile strength of hair also noted.

Again, as with all LLLT devices, they are generally very easy to use, and completely safe for home use. In addition, research suggests there are very few side effects, if any, reported when using this type of technology.

The only disadvantage of the laser hair comb is that a certain amount of commitment is required by the user to allocate a specified time period three times per week to sit and comb the device through the hair. This is where the laser hair growth machines, see under section, can be beneficial. The number of laser modules built in to this technology is far less than the number found in the hood style machines.

For training in Low Level Laser Therapy our Laser Training Courses provide certificates.

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